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YN Bundle is the Best Animated Banner Ad Solution Pack!

Only in our Bundle you will find various of advanced, flexible and really working solutions:

Banners with Product Sliders and Galleries

Animated Banners
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Some YN Bundle’s Core Features


Works well on Multiple Devices

Desktop PC, Laptop, Netbook, Tablet, Mobile


Multiple Slides in Storyboard

Make a more powerful marketing message using several slides in the storyboard


Top Performing Ad sizes

Each Banner Set contains 7-14 most popular ad sizes


Source Files well-organized by Folders

Google Ads, Display & Video 360, Generic HTML

Compatible Browsers

About what’s included

Please disable your AdBlock if you don’t see banners on the preview.


Shopping Banners with Product Sliders and Swipeable Galleries

Showcase multiple products in one banner using Product Sliders. This is a great solution for the Online Stores and Shops

Banners with Multiple Slides in Storyboard

Make a more powerful marketing message by using several slides in the storyboard


Banner Ad Templates with Live Countdown

Live Countdown can be configured to any date. This is a great solution for the Event Promotion campaigns

Interactive HTML5 Banner Ads

Interactive ads invite consumers to physically engage with the ad in an immersive way, turning traditional advertising into an activity


Display Web Banners with Call-To-Action Text on Hover

Interactive Banners with a few lines of Call-to-Action text appearing on hover

Banner Ads with Animated Eye-Catching Effects

Animated abstract background catches the eye and draws attention to the advertising banner


Responsive Banner Ad Templates

Responsive ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces

Super-fast AMP HTML Banner Ads

AMPHTML ads are a new, better way of building, delivering and measuring ads that are faster, lighter and more secure


HTML5 Banners with Awesome JS-based Text Animations

Anime JS allows you to create stunning animation effects that are not available by default in GWD

And much more…

YN Studio offers a range of animated HTML5 and AMP HTML banners. Our templates are optimized for various ad platforms and systems (Google Ads, Display & Video 360, AdRoll and more) and provide advanced and flexible editing options in industry standard tool Google Web Designer.

Desktop PC

Are you new in Google Web Designer?

Not sure about your skills in Google Web Designer? All templates from the Bundle have a documentation pdf file, where you will find all the key points of the template customization process. Some templates have video tutorials where we show you how to best customize. You can see for yourself that our banners are user-friendly and well-organized by watching some videos on our YouTube channel.

Have a pre-sale question?

We are always glad to answer all your questions to help you choose a solution that will suit your needs best